METAR decoder*

METARLHBP 301030Z 31023KT 270V330 9999 VCBLDU NSC 12/M02 Q1006 NOSIG
StationFerenc Liszt, Budapest, HU
Observation time30 April 2014 10:30 UTC
Windsdirection 310
variable from 270 to 330
speed 23 kts
Visibilitymore than 10 km
Present weatherin the vicinity blowing widespread dust
Sky conditionNo Significant Cloud (no clouds below 5000 feet or highest MSA (whichever is greater); no Cumulonimbus or Towering Cumulus)
Temperature+12 ℃
Dewpoint-2 ℃
Atmospheric pressure
at mean sea level
1006 hPa
Relative humidity100%
Next 2 hoursNo significant changes expected in the next two hours.
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